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  1. Half As Bad

From the album Get All Worked Up


I use to think I knew, but I don’t know you anymore
Talking don’t do to good, cause you won’t pick up the phone
Suddenly I see you can’t see past yourself no more
Take a long look at my ass, I’m walking out that door.

Oooooooo noooo
I want to kiss you on the mouth, you make me want to touch myself
and I don’t want nobody else. I want you (I want you)
At night I lie awake in bed, your voice is ringing in my head and I remember when you said I want you.

People said take care man, don’t you ostracize yourself
Now I spend my nights at home and drink all by myself
And to think , I use to be carefree with someone else
Missing out. Giving in. Giving up, I gave you all but you gave me hell

Oooooooooo noooooo

Do-do-do do-do-do do-do-do oooh-oooh-ooh oh

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