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David Bowie: A Remembrance  

It took us a minute to really put into words how we felt about Bowie. Not just his passing, but what he really meant to us.

Zach - As a child I always loved coming home when my father was off work early. He would have the doors and windows open blasting music out across the neighborhood. He'd often let my brother and I choose the music, and my favorite album to put on was Changesbowie. I'd pretend I was alone in "Space Oddity" and dream about "Life on Mars". I didn't see a difference in the sci-fi I read as a kid and what Bowie sang. He was everything I wanted to be. He was his own man, his own culture. His impact is so lasting, because he was known for his artistry. He is the closest I'll ever come to understanding what Picasso or Warhol did to culture. I did get to see him as a child, during the Sound+Vision tour my parents took me to see him, and I thought how cool is it that he would sing or play the saxophone and then step off stage and have a smoke, and let the band just jam.

Music Midtown 2015 

It was that time of year again in Atlanta when musical acts come together for Atlanta's biggest music festival: Music Midtown. This year was unlike previous years, because the line-up consisted of some of rock and roll's biggest legends from Elton John and Van Halen to Lenny Kravitz and Billy Idol. We had a blast running into friends and fans. We might've drank more $11 beers than needed but it was worth it. Here are some photos from our festivities. 


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