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Covering a song 

A couple of folks have asked us why we cover the songs we do; to tell the truth it is a grab bag of reasons. Sometimes they are songs we think would be fun to play, or the audience wants to hear, or it just happens to be a song we know and can rock out at a moment's notice for an encore. 

The truth is we don't fret a lot about what songs we are playing, as long as we are doing them justice. It doesn't matter if it is a piece that is well known on the radio, or just a local band that we love. It's about getting people into the music. And playing a well known cover song is a great way to get people involved at a show who aren't as familiar with original material. It also is a way to pay homage, as we've done with Bowie and a few other artists who have inspired us.

We'd like to one day find a cover song and make it ours. By that we mean honoring a song the way only a select few have. If you have or haven't heard them. Take a minute and check them out, who knows they might blow your mind and change the way you see everyday.
Jimi Hendrix covering Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone"
Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah
Johnny Cash doing NIN "Hurt"

A Fan's First Day Hearing Greco: Expectations & Reality 

So, I went to Smith's Olde Bar to see my friend's band. We all know how that goes; you show up, pay your cover charge, spend a couple hours of getting a headache, drinking cheap beer & whiskey all in the name of being a good friend to your buddy who happens to be a drummer and wants to be a rock-star. Those are the parameters you set in your head as you mentally prepare yourself for the worst, but hope for the best. God forbid you waste a Friday night on a mediocre band that occasionally practices in their parents' garage; maybe you can get out of there in time to hit a good bar or club before it's too late.

However, the exact opposite was my experience:

  • The band: Greco
  • The venue: Packed
  • The energy: Special
There was a magical buzz about the room; an awesome air of anticipation & a super positive vibe in the room. Greco was the second of three bands to perform that night, going on after the opener. The four brothers from Athens take the stage- Zach on bass, Gabriel on drums, Josh on guitar, and front man Sebastian. They open their set with "Sick of It" a rocking and dancing sing along, and so begins the dance party as Greco owns the stage for the next hour. 

Crowd favorite "Half as Bad" starts and the audience shouts back "I want you, I want you!" in the chorus. You can hear the Rolling Stones influence in this tune, and the fans don't seem to mind. The boys mellow it down for the romantic sounding "Magic" and again, the audience joins in for the chorus "ooh la la..." as the front man at one point hits his knees declaring "she's magic". The tempo picks back up for "Everybody Talks" just one of two covers the guys performs that night (they killed it, of course.) Sebastian croons away, and Josh shows he is a rock god in the making, playing the better half of one of his later solos with his teeth, all while the fans are going wild.

The band's motto: Sing. Dance. Sweat. Sex. There is no question as to why, as there is no shortage of dancers on the floor singing along and bringing shots to the stage.

Greco has a growing following of awesome people, so leaving with new friends is probable. If you missed this show, you can catch them again at SweetWater Brewery for the first ever Sunday Service Industry Special (Sept 25th), and again for a Halloween show @ Smith's Olde Bar on Oct 28th. I know I'll be there, (I've heard rumors the new Greco EP will be for sale), and if you come out, I know you'll get bewitched too.

Watching Legends Live! (And Why You Should Do It) 

On a hot, muggy, Tuesday night in Atlanta we got to experience an amazing show. Not everyone is going to get a chance to see some of the greatest guitar players of all time, but we saw Jeff Beck and Buddy Guy on the same night!

If you don't know their names stop reading right now and go listen to them.
Jeff Beck - There and Back
Buddy Guy - Live at Red Rocks

If you are still reading that must mean you know who they are! (or you just watched some videos)... 
Either way that gets us super pumped, because if you dig them and you like us, we know you love good rock n roll. Which is what we try to play all the damn time. 

Getting to see them was amazing! It was similar to catching the Rolling Stones or Elton John this year. Now you might ask, "Why is the band going to see all these old artists? Why not new bands?"
Well the answer is, "We do both!" We love seeing the music our parents jammed out, just as much as the music of our youth, and just as much as the bands we love that are modern now. So here is a list of bands that we love, maybe you've heard them or maybe not, but give em a listen. And who knows you might be watching a legend live, before they reach their legendary status.

NEW MUSIC - That kicks ass!
Stokeswood - Our Streets
The Future Babes - Dazed
Five Shot Jack - El Paso
Father John Misty - Real Love Baby
Leon Bridges - Smooth Sailing
St. Vincent - Digital Witness

OLDER MUSIC - That still kicks ass, but you unfortunately can't see live anymore...
INXS - Elegantly Wasted
David Bowie - The Next Day 
Prince - Musicology 
White Stripes - The Denial Twist (maybe one day...)

The Songwriting Process For Greco 

Our process is a very organic recipe, but generally these steps happen, not always in order but they are there:
  1. Inspiration & First Notes
  2. Practice, Rewrites, & Bitching
  3. Ego
  4. Fans
Inspiration & First Notes: Our songs come from a bunch of places; we might hear a piece we love, read a book, see a movie, or experience a completely out of control incredible woman for a few weeks (listen to Magic). Sometimes Zach writes a piano piece or Josh will come up with a guitar riff. Or Sebastian might have come up with lyrics about drinking & women (clearly a staple for us). Maybe Gab was kicking out a new drum groove. Either way we start putting it together and see where it goes.

Practice: Once we have an idea down, we play whatever parts we have written at rehearsal. Often times we start a song and by the end it is so changed and completely reworked that maybe a few lines or the key of the song stays the same. We sometimes argue about notes

  • "Let's go D-G-A" - Zach
  • "No that's too formulaic." - Gab
  • "It works, that's why it's a fucking formula!" - Zach
  • "Let's do both then!" - Sab

The big secret for us is that nothing is sacred and no part is too good to not get better or get thrown out. The lyrics get reworked, the riffs get changed, sometimes we make the verse a chorus and the chorus goes in the trash. A big part of our process is that we always take the time to record and to listen to it again and again, to see if it is where we want to go, or if it is something new. 

Ego: A huge shout-out to our older brother Johann. He has helped us write some great songs, but more importantly he helped us learn to reflect and change our songs without taking it personally. We all have natural swagger and braggadocious attitudes, but we keep them in check when it comes to writing songs. If the Beatles or the Stones could write a bad song we know we could, so we will do everything we can for that not to happen. It sometimes is the hardest part about writing a song; you write a piece you really dig, or a whole song that you dig, but it doesn't work out. It doesn't flow, so it goes in the trash. Maybe to be recycled, maybe to get reworked, or maybe it is gone for good.

Fans: The most important part of our songwriting is you. Once we have a song down, we play it for fans. Whether that is debuting it at a show, or playing it a private rehearsal show for some kick ass fans, (and yes we totally want our fans to come check those out, if you are interested hit us up on FACEBOOK or TWITTER) or playing that in a car. If you guys can't get into it; if it doesn't make you feel something. If you don't want to Sing. Dance. Sweat. Sex. to the music, then fuck it we will write a new song.

Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Blog So We Wouldn't Get Sued. 

Wouldn't that be an excellent name for a blog? We clearly don't blog a lot. In fact, other than being bad at taking photos and abstaining from alcohol, we are probably the worst when it comes to blogging. But fear not! We now have a new band house mom who will be making sure we blog appropriately, brush our teeth, wear protection, and always get to school on time. So if you read our blog feeds or twitter or facebook or instagram or some random website that spools lies about us, we promise to make it easier for you to get all the good Greco that you want. 

Also we are looking for some more local Atliens to join us for our two upcoming video shoots. All people 21+ can reach out to us via the CONTACT page on the site.

David Bowie: A Remembrance  

It took us a minute to really put into words how we felt about Bowie. Not just his passing, but what he really meant to us.

Zach - As a child I always loved coming home when my father was off work early. He would have the doors and windows open blasting music out across the neighborhood. He'd often let my brother and I choose the music, and my favorite album to put on was Changesbowie. I'd pretend I was alone in "Space Oddity" and dream about "Life on Mars". I didn't see a difference in the sci-fi I read as a kid and what Bowie sang. He was everything I wanted to be. He was his own man, his own culture. His impact is so lasting, because he was known for his artistry. He is the closest I'll ever come to understanding what Picasso or Warhol did to culture. I did get to see him as a child, during the Sound+Vision tour my parents took me to see him, and I thought how cool is it that he would sing or play the saxophone and then step off stage and have a smoke, and let the band just jam.

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Halloween Bewitching w/ Greco, Howling Tongues, BirdLaww, & Ides of June

Smith's Olde Bar, 1578 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA

Come celebrate the beginning of Halloween weekend with Greco. It promises to be a wild and rambunctious night, filled with drinking, partying, and general debauchery. 4 bands will be cranking out the tunes, and their promises to be plenty of party libations to go around.

Costume Contest w/ kick-ass prizes: band gear, bar cash, etc. - Free Registration for costume contest starts at 715pm. (Please no disruptive, dangerous, or hazardous costumes, we don't want you to get barred from coming in.)

Also some super secret never before heard Greco songs will be getting played at this show...


USBG Halloween Bewitching (BHAM)

Spring Street Firehouse, 412 41st St S, Birmingham, Al

We are going to be lighting up the Halloween weekend in Birmingham. For a special USBG event w/ our friends from ATL & BHAM. Invite your service industry buddies, invite your mom, hell even invite that one creepy uncle you have.

BHAM's: Renegades of Folk will be starting up the night, by reuniting & even getting members back in town from across the pond. And the boys from Greco will be closing out the night with some brand music from their brand new EP "Get All Worked Up".

Greco 10pm Renegades of Folk 9pm FreeCostume Contest - w/ prizes

So come out and enjoy yourself, hell you might even get a little drunk...